I started playing water polo for Salisbury in the summer of 1984 it was going to be the physical portion of my DoE Gold award. They weren’t wrong - physical may be a slight under statement!!.

I had many great years here - winning a few league titles and the Wiltshire cup on one occasion (1986). As a defender I wasn’t known for my goal scoring prowess - but you always knew I was there if you were an attacker. I’m the one with the blue number 2 hat on.

In the Zone
Team 1986

Team shot 1986

The Survivors

The final 4  (2001)

The last members at the oldest member’s, Cliff’s,  40th birthday bash . Such a distinctive water polo hairstyle. Must have been all the chlorine or maybe even the beer from the 5th quarter.

From Left to right . Cliff Warwick, Nick Beauchamp, Yours truly and Nigel Kee

Cup Winners
Me playing the game

This is the team that won the Wiltshire Cup
Richard Cole,  Nigel Kee’ Richard Bond, Cliff Warwick, Colin, Rob, Paul Davies
Ian Lovett, Andy Smith, Yours Truly, James Wood

Steve Fry is the other defender here
with Nigel Kee ready in goal

Water Polo
Me and the monkey

What a small world, just a good job we had influence

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Family coat of arms