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Dominican Republic

What a small world, just a good job we had influence

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I finally got my first visit to Dominican Republic in  August, 2006. Flew into Santo Domingo, rented a car, and promptly got
lost trying to find the hotel. I really need to try and learn some Spanish.
The driving was “Interesting” - I learnt one thing - red lights are for tourists and visitors NOT locals. On the Monday, Jim and I
drove up to San Francisco de Macoris - up their version of the M1 - not used to seeing horses on the motorway or traffic coming the
wrong way - again with the “interesting”.
The “road” from the “motorway” to the city was littered with roadworks and pot holes - I had to get a 4x4 for subsequent trips.

Road leading away from site02
Umbella on the bike02

The road back from site

Then, finally, San Francisco. All I had to watch out for here
was complete families weaving through the traffic on one bike??!!
At least they were protected from the weather.

Jim and John02

Once again Jim was my willing partner in this
endeavor - lucky him. We also had the good services of John the
electrician from Venezuela. He’s responsible for the bad Spanish
I might know


Jim and John (the flower pot men)

As I sort through the pictures I will add them - plus more
tales from the other side.

It’s good to know we were safe whilst at work - now this is something I don’t
see on many of the sites I work on